Jarod Pulo

About Jarod Pulo

jp-jarod-puloJarod was born the youngest of two sons in suburban Sydney in the 1980’s. Born from a cabinet maker father, and a mother who (at the time) made all her own clothes, his introduction to a life of functionality and design began.

Some designers fall into specific categories. Jarod prefers to break the mould and use his skills holistically across a range of projects.

Web Design

Jarod’s interested in the Internet was piqued at University, and it didn’t take him long to start playing with the nuts and bolts in the background. Jarod combines his knowledge of HTML & CSS and design skills to create stunning websites that are functional and user-friendly.

Computer Aided Design

Ahh, his University study. Mechanical Engineering, focusing on 3D CAD work (well before 3D Modelling was cool!). Jarod has now over 15 years experience using various CAD programs. He’s most comfortable with Solidworks and Modo, but can skillfully model in most surface and solid modelling packages.

Jarod spent over 10 years working for businesses small and large conceptualising and designing their products and creating the blueprints to make them a reality.

Branding and Logo Design

Jarod fell into branding quite by surprise. When friends were creating the Half Life 2 mod, Dystopia, he volunteered his graphic design and web skills to get them started.

Out of this exercise came a love of branding and identity which clients will book months in advance for.


Another hobby picked up at University, Jarod is an amateur photographer turned semi-professional. He met his wife on a photo sharing website back in 2007, and together they photographed several weddings, countless products, some people in studios and a few cats.

Photorealistic Rendering

Any monkey can create a 3D model these days, but what many engineers lack is the ability to render their designs using real-world principles. How will the product look when the light is just so? How will the two materials applied interact, or what effect will led lighting when shining on a surface?

This is where Jarod’s skills combine to create an ultimate sweet spot: his knowledge of design and engineering, his experience with branding and brand placement, and his understanding on how light affects objects in the real world.